Afterlife: Redemption

Afterlife: Redemption

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Book 3 of Afterlife series
Lane is finally safe, home, and with Harry. It was everything both of them wanted. After a trying and difficult time apart, they can finally start their relationship without their only means being online.
But learning to live with each other finds to be much more difficult than either of them predicted. Both have ideas of what they want, and trying to fill those roles is easier said than done.
And then the most shocking revelation of all, one that neither of them expected, ever considered, or could ever be prepared for. What Lane didn't know, was that she was more tied to this damaged boy than she ever knew.  And learning the truth might be enough to break them apart, just when they were finally coming together.

**MATURE CONTENT (Wattpad wont let me change the notice, so I will put it here**

DEDICATED to all my beautiful, faithful, amazing readers who make me want to keep writing...
And to a real life Harry and his beautiful Lane...your happy ever after is coming soon!


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jescurrrr jescurrrr Oct 01, 2017
Y’all EGGGINGGGG IT “to accommodate the height difference” she talllll 🤣 wtf lmaoooooo 5’6 not nowhere near short for a girl
jescurrrr jescurrrr Oct 01, 2017
Five foot six 😑😑😑😑 “how small she was” y’all really egged it making it seem like she was short my ass only 5’3 lmaoooo
Isa2629 Isa2629 Aug 21, 2016
No I need to stop reading something bad will probably happen but I can't
ridingharrysd69 ridingharrysd69 Nov 07, 2016
I feel so accomplished I've finally reached the book with the smut 😂
FuckMeUpStyles011 FuckMeUpStyles011 Nov 12, 2016
If I were to be alone with him like that I'd make it so awkward and be like wE SHOULD SEX
chanmapan chanmapan Jul 20, 2015
omfg this is officially the best marriage booster ever... got to go do something with my hubby... see you in a couple of hours if you know what i mean ;)