Afterlife: Reincarnation

Afterlife: Reincarnation

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Book 2 of the Afterlife Series

Be careful.
Those were their parting words. After months of unspoken declarations, and confusing gestures, it came down to the moment when they had to decide where to go next. And Harry made the decision.
Now, thousands of miles apart, another world away, they are trying to keep their connection intact. They were so used to the silence between them being enough, neither being particular good at speaking their feelings. Now, when words were all they had to keep them together, would they be able to make it work?


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elliejoline elliejoline Jan 29
Okay I'm just gonna: One Thing, Night Changes, Little Things. Please proceed.
DanishSanne1D DanishSanne1D Jan 31, 2017
This is literally my boyfriend in real life!! He will do anything for me.😍❤
valeria_h1 valeria_h1 Jun 18, 2016
                              I'm kidding actually that was also a beautiful gesture letting live your dreams even tho he wanted you to stay so nope he is not
BushyBrowGilinsky BushyBrowGilinsky Jun 27, 2016
Same. But the guy left me by choice. All the way across the country...
thatgurldev thatgurldev Nov 05, 2016
All I can see is Harry being like "Chill bro it's a prank, there's a camera over there, and over there..."
Joyalex2 Joyalex2 Jun 23, 2015
I like how you are doing both Harry & Lane's POV now.  This is turning into such a sweet love story altho I am sure there will be plenty of drama around the corner.  I'm so ready!