「Book 1: Dreamer」// Sasuke Uchiha  [COMPLETE]

「Book 1: Dreamer」// Sasuke Uchiha [COMPLETE]

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author-nim♡ By AraSenpai Completed

「A complicated love story between Female Naruto x Sasuke Uchiha. 」

Second book is called Awakened.

I read it wrong at first I thought it said 50 shades😂😂😂😂😂
Is uh that what she is uh wearing today?
                              Please tell Thunder~Sama, Author~Senpai!!!!!
                              Uh yeah.... 
AnimeKiana AnimeKiana Aug 01
That is the dopest way to get out of class with your friends of all time🤙🏽
kim0714 kim0714 Nov 16, 2016
Warning!! If you value eating with your teeth instead of a straw, do not anger her.
KaeganHibbard KaeganHibbard May 05, 2016
How did she get The lowest scores if she did an S rank Justu ( don't know if I spelled that right ) ?!!???!!?!??
-Watasi- -Watasi- Aug 17, 2016
                              Bruh, that hurts.
                              Not as much as the babies, but it hurts.