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Shesahoney By Shesahoney Completed

Alexis- 21 year old lesbian. Senior at William H. Turner University. Majors in Fine Arts and graphic design. In an unstable relationship with Kenya. Has a history of cheating. Secretly has a thing for Mia.

Kenya: 24 year old lesbian. Graduated from William H. Turner University with a Bachelor's degree. Returning for her Master's in business administration. Works the night shift as a bartender at club Kaymen. Crazy about her girlfriend Lex, literally. 

Mia: 22 years old. Senior at William H. Turner University. New in town. Has no history with women. Works as a volunteer substitute at a high school. Extremely attracted to Lex. Mysterious past life.

Lonnie: 23 year old Gay. Best friend to Kenya. Currently Unemployed and lives with his mom who happens to work at Kaymen's as a stripper. Fired from his former job for getting caught fucking a customer in the men's restroom.

Terri: 22 year old straight woman. Lex's best friend of 8 years. Designs clothes. Has a record for fighting.

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kb2266 kb2266 Feb 06, 2017
I love how you can spell and form complete sentences. That's rare on wattpad
lilnikki2583 lilnikki2583 Nov 20, 2015
Omg my names Layla and your book is going well you should keep writing
tirahlanae tirahlanae Aug 20, 2015
I could read this omg I like the way you make the characters talk it's so raw but real for this generation but then again I'm gay so there's only so many reads you can find like this
muyyloco muyyloco Jul 25, 2015
Oh heeeck no. Lex was dirty for that. Great update by the way.
TueshaeMillsap TueshaeMillsap Jun 23, 2015
Lord , Jesus, write more . Tell me why I'm scared asf for Lex right now ... She so stupid ... Omg ! Smh ... Write moreee .