My Teacher Touch Me

My Teacher Touch Me

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"China! Time for school!" I heard my mom yell while aggressively banging on my bedroom door.What did that poor door do to you Ma? I acted like I couldn't hear her but she bang on the door even harder. "Chi-" "ALRIGHT MA I'M UP!" I yelled, grabbing my pillow and covering the back of my head with it. "Ok honey, hurry up breakfast is ready." And with that she walked back downstairs. I groaned while getting up. I hated Monday's. Everything felt so..slow. I put my blue bunny slippers on and dragged my way to the bathroom.

I look horrible.

My brown hair was all over the place. My eyes were a slight red. My teeth were a soft yellow because I forgot to brush my teeth last night. And my lips were dried and cracked. Ugh, this is going to take forever. First I begun to brush my hair. After it was straight, I curled it with my curling-iron. I jelled my hair to the side. I grabbed my face cloth and wet it with warm water. I softly wipped my face. Now I look more alive. I then grabbed my toothbrus...

Well in the other sentence you did the wrong your it was supposed to be "you're" and you're correcting her..
Shamalinga Shamalinga Aug 13, 2015
actually I had a really matured body shape(and bigger breasts than some teens)so.It was wierd and guys really liked me.
MarissaMayWriting MarissaMayWriting Jul 05, 2015
I feel like China's mom is nice, but lily is kind of... Yeah that word.