My Teacher Touch Me

My Teacher Touch Me

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"China! Time for school!" I heard my mom yell while aggressively banging on my bedroom door.What did that poor door do to you Ma? I acted like I couldn't hear her but she bang on the door even harder. "Chi-" "ALRIGHT MA I'M UP!" I yelled, grabbing my pillow and covering the back of my head with it. "Ok honey, hurry up breakfast is ready." And with that she walked back downstairs. I groaned while getting up. I hated Monday's. Everything felt so..slow. I put my blue bunny slippers on and dragged my way to the bathroom.

I look horrible.

My brown hair was all over the place. My eyes were a slight red. My teeth were a soft yellow because I forgot to brush my teeth last night. And my lips were dried and cracked. Ugh, this is going to take forever. First I begun to brush my hair. After it was straight, I curled it with my curling-iron. I jelled my hair to the side. I grabbed my face cloth and wet it with warm water. I softly wipped my face. Now I look more alive. I then grabbed my toothbrus...

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Unitato0617 Unitato0617 Jun 05
Can't we just give him the benefit of the doubt like what if he asked her out so she won't feel ugly and it's not like he asked her to his house alone like wadafuq
Idk why but im thinking of Carrie. "go to your closet and pray little girl"
Disney2019 Disney2019 Jun 16
Ummmm. No offense psycho 5th grader. But this is why you don't have a date to the dance
KOREA TIME TO GET UP! Do you think that those nukes are gonna detonate by itself?? Nuh uh uh
I read it wrong at first and thought it said bacon and eggs filled with air
KVAuthor12 KVAuthor12 Apr 12
So this story is about an 11 year old girl and a teacher...?😂😂