One Night Stand || Divergent / Eric

One Night Stand || Divergent / Eric

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C By its_courts_ Updated Nov 03, 2015

Sam manages to sneak into Dauntless without meaning to. She joins a party, drinks a little too much and spends the night with the one and only Eric. Sam leaves him wanting more during training, but will Eric still feel the same when Sam's secrets are found out? Her one night stand turns sour when Eric picks on her more during training. During the second stage of training, Sam begins to find out what she is there for. Memories and orders come flying back to her due to the serum playing with her mind. She just cannot keep her secrets secret for long. Will Eric get off his high horse and swallow his pride? Or are Sam's secrets way worse than he expected?

"Why don't you let people see the good in you?"

"Because when people see good, they expect good. And I don't want to have to live up to anyone's expectations."

  • abnegation
  • action
  • amity
  • brave
  • candor
  • dauntless
  • divergent
  • eric
  • erudite
  • insurgent
  • love
  • romance
JoyF33 JoyF33 Jun 13, 2016
omg lol i love her so much.  i wish i was her.  omg she cracks me up
xSashx xSashx Nov 17, 2015
Omg i love her, shes so different than the usual girl people would pair Eric with. Love your story and you're a great writer! Cant believe its took me so long to read this story
opheliapunk opheliapunk Jul 07, 2015
The end of this chapter had me with my hand to my mouth. Wow. Off to read more. :)