It All Started With A Kiss (NaLu, FTWattyAwards)

It All Started With A Kiss (NaLu, FTWattyAwards)

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I'ma NaLu Righta! By XRandomNaLuShipperX Completed

A 17 year old girl Lucy Heartfilia was dared to do the kiss cam, a game where you run up and kiss a random stranger while someone is video taping you, When Lucy does it, it turns out that the random stranger isn't really a stranger. Will this kiss ruin there friendship or will it take there relationship to the next level?

~Read to find out!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own FairyTail, or any of the characters, I only own the story. Thank You :)

I love how everyone commented on the dashes but not on RINGGGGGGGGG
I'm Erza.. 
                              That movie was not even scary.. Could if been better
Oh god...please no.  Please don't be Natsu...It's gonna be Natsu isn't it?
Horror movies don't scare me I always laugh at my friends I'm a wired one
Kau_Jaeger Kau_Jaeger Mar 27
Mine, and she is called TARDIS. I know. Its very beutifull name.