father and son bonds fanfic

father and son bonds fanfic

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kibas_wife By kibas_wife Updated Aug 16, 2016

"Come on Naruto, you can do it" minato cheered for his 13 month old son. "Walk to daddy, come on walk to daddy". Naruto was starting to pull him self up off the floor. He was using the side of the couch to hold himself up. "Your starting now just put one foot in front of the other" the excited father was holding his arms out wide for his son. Naruto put his right foot in front of his left, he was starting to walk to his Dada but there was a knock on the front door which drew Minato's attention. 

    The young hokage stood up to go and answer the door when he heard a thump and sniffling sound. He turned his head to see that his son had fallen when minato had gotten up. He picked up his young blonde haired son and went to the front door.
To the hokage's surprise it was his sensei " jiraiya, what are you doing here?" "What, I can't come and visit my godson" jiraiya said clearly a little irritated. 

   By the sight of the new person Naruto had tried to hide in his father's arms. Jiraiya ...

-leighschips -leighschips Jun 18, 2016
Aww, even though I'm still trying to move on from the last fanfic... THIS IS SO ADOWABLE.