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Almost | ✓

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Isn't that the saddest word? Almost. Something with so much potential... but just didn't happen.

We were almost lovers.
We almost lived.
These were almost stories.


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Reminds me of Nikita Gill's poetry. Was this inspired by her? : )
I loved it thank you for writing this it explains a lot about my life that I wanted to sort out
Ineedasunday Ineedasunday Oct 22, 2016
Finally someone who actually says we can use their work if we ask them first and to not take credit
smiling_soul smiling_soul Jul 22, 2016
The weight you added to the word 'almost' is really beautiful <333 WOW!!!!
arabia-princess arabia-princess Jul 21, 2016
but isn't almost also the happiest word? he almost died. she almost didnt make it. but they did.  i feel like this book is gonna be so good
katiemaewatson katiemaewatson Aug 06, 2016
I also fell in love with 'excerpts from a book I'll never write ' truly beautiful stuff.