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An Unknown Love

An Unknown Love

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Phoenix-54 By Phoenix-54 Completed

When you love someone, you love them. Right? But what if you love someone and you don't realise it? Roxanne finds herself in this situation. 

She argues, swears and shouts at her teacher, Mr Hartley. She hates that he's sarcastic, has an answer for everything and always puts her in detentions.

After something happens that pushes them into more arguments, they finally start to see each other in a different light. And Roxanne sees what everyone has been telling her. They are both alike.

So what will happen when they start to get along? Will they realise how much they really do like each other? Or will Roxanne leave school in June forgetting about Mr Hartley?

Who knew an unknown love would be so confusing?

cutypop37 cutypop37 Oct 07, 2016
OMG IVE NEVER HEARD OF SOMEONE WHOS GOT THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!!! 9th December AND I also have a friend who's birthdays a week after mine on the 16th!!
- - Jul 04, 2016
i really hate those possesive friendships, maybe cause i never had a best friend ad when i try to make friends i can't become closer becuase they don't let you. i dont't know, i think its bothers me because i've a hard time making friends :/
Now going on my 4th time reading this. This is the best book on this app!
Hotpink12712727 Hotpink12712727 Sep 23, 2016
This is the third time I'm reading this book I just love it so much
- - Aug 20, 2013
Im gonna be super honest and just say that I'm reading this story just because I saw Juno Temple in the cover and when I read the review it was a student/teacher story and I love those. Plus I've read another story of yours and I really liked it.
adoresalvatore adoresalvatore Feb 21, 2013
loving this story so far, please keep up with it! you're amazing at student/teacher stories!!! :-)