Our Baby- A Dramione story

Our Baby- A Dramione story

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The Dramione goddess By ahfeels Updated Sep 17

It has been a year since the war. Hogwarts has been rebuilt. Mcgonagall has asked the 7th years to come back this year and retake their 7th year. 

Hermione and Draco have a problem. During that year Draco and Hermione grew close. Really close. So close that Hermione got pregnant. Oops.

Will it be a smooth year at Hogwarts or will trouble find a way in?

P.s. I don't own these characters. All rights go to J.K. Rowling. :)

P.p.s this book includes dramione(obviously), hinny and ransy

Lady_Shiari Lady_Shiari Sep 25
Did I just imagine that...?
                              Yes, yes I did...
                              Do I feel guilty?
cava_liers cava_liers Sep 17
Ron probably just had this feeling that Hermione has always belonged to Draco, and maybe the vice versa situation with Pansy. And so they decided to love each other, knowing that the ones they originally loved didn't love them.
Alisa76549 Alisa76549 Oct 04
Help I should not be here I was looking for a Sirius Black fanfic
What the hell? Do they live together now? Really need a back story other then the blurb, I have no idea what's going on 😳🙃
USAGirl2015 USAGirl2015 Aug 26
No offense to this ship but me personally in cringing 'cus I can't see those two being a couple
Splimey Splimey Sep 18
I know I didn't read the Cursed Child, but what on earth did I miss?