Who knew my future would be out of the darkness?

Who knew my future would be out of the darkness?

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*Sasuke *

I woke up with bandages wrapped around my head a chest.

"Sasukeeee!" Yelled a girl's voice. I turned and saw Karin with her arms spread out to embrace me. Before she was able to, I held out my hand which signaled her to stop. 

"What happened?" I asked her.

"After your fight with Danzo, you passed out." She explained. "So Jugo carried you to this cave and I healed you."

I looked around the empty cave. "Where are Jugo and Suigetsu?"

"They are scouting the area, just in case if anyone followed us." Karin responded. 

"Hn," I said with my usual response. "When Jugo and Suigetsu get back, we are leaving."

"But Sasuke, even though I managed to heal most of your injuries, you still need re-,"

"I don't need rest," I cut her off. We needed to find away to get revenge on Konoha. 

Karin looked like she wanted to say something but didn't.


I kept looking at Sasuke as he kept lying there. Ever since his fight with Itachi he had grown really cold. I mean he was always pre...

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