Madame Juror.

Madame Juror.

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Rachel Short By TiNyDiAmOnD101 Completed

Alianna Winter managed to keep herself out of trouble for a grand total of ten weeks. Which, as she pointed out to Isabel, was actually rather good.
Isabel naturally didn't agree.
Answering a plea for help from Chief Inspector Barnes, Allie finds herself in a very unfamiliar situation; in a courtroom. As a last-minute member of the jury. The case she is supposed to be trying seems incredibly straightforward at first glance, but as Allie soon finds, nothing is as it seems. It's up to her to change the minds of the rest of the jury, or a woman will surely hang.

-The seventh book in the Alianna Winter series.
Her earlier cases:  
1.Death At Scarlet Leaf   
2.The Merryweather Jewel Thefts
3.A House On The Hill
4.Murder Is At Hand
5.The Incident Concerning The Alsatian Dog
6.At The Plaza Majestic
Her later cases:
8.A Murder Shall Commence
9.The Impossible Poisoning
10.The Final Endgame

The Toby Smart Spin-offs:
What Makes A Detective
What Breaks A Detective

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Don't worry, he doesn't even know what he does for a living! Although he did work for UNIT at one point 😜😂
buildnfly buildnfly May 09, 2017
More likely: "Harry Bright nodded fervently", unless we're expanding the vocabulary (grin)
SalMannan SalMannan Feb 15, 2016
I agree with Barnes, she can't hide that fact forever. Stephenson knows she's alive & they will most likely meet again & Smart is bound to find out.
kaeyshnaja kaeyshnaja Dec 05, 2016
A woman is where you came from,you dim-witted troll! If we can bring up current, teach these brand new human beings right from wrong, and steer them in the right direction, then I don't see why not a woman should not be allowed to be a part of the juror. Idiot. He needs a time out is what he needs
jaypvie jaypvie Sep 17, 2016
Well, that sentence reminds me of a certain consulting detective.
jaypvie jaypvie Sep 17, 2016
Expensive clothes, I guess? No wedding ring, and probably perfectly dressed...