T A M E  (Book One)

T A M E (Book One)

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The Jawn By SymGotty Completed

Nina took her chances and got with a boy like Rashaad, only sending her on a rollercoaster ride she wish she hadn't took. What could you really do if you were in a controlling and thrilling relationship?


DazhaSigee DazhaSigee Feb 13
Tf Nigga I would tell his a.ss I'm not the one thts ur baby mama and sure a.ss hell not my baby daddy b*tch cuz u do not touch my food 😡😒
DazhaSigee DazhaSigee Feb 13
Dang man I had a friend name destiny we don't talk no more cuz we go 2 diff schools now but ppl always had problems with her but I didn't cuz she knew were 2 draw the line with me so we was cool 😎
DazhaSigee DazhaSigee Feb 13
B*tches if one mo nigga touch my mother fvcking food they not gonna have no mo fingers 😑...y am  I always commenting lik I'm the one it's happening 2 🤔
DazhaSigee DazhaSigee Feb 13
He real fvcking childish if it's one thing I don't play with it's my phone 😒
This like my 100th time reading this series😂 it's soooooo good
DazhaSigee DazhaSigee Feb 13
My word 2 him "Nigga u better give me my sh*t b4 tht baby girl otw be ur 1st and last child "😑