T A M E  (Book One)

T A M E (Book One)

367K Reads 24K Votes 24 Part Story
SYMILAC- SIMON 😝 By SpeakingOfSym Completed

Nina took her chances and got with a boy like Rashaad, only sending her on a rollercoaster ride she wish she hadn't took. What could you really do if you were in a controlling and thrilling relationship?


2flydotcom 2flydotcom 5 days ago
wheres ur mother yall need to be studying😂😂😂😂😂
DazhaSigee DazhaSigee Feb 13
He real fvcking childish if it's one thing I don't play with it's my phone 😒
_blxck_ _blxck_ Mar 06
They too comfortable and the whole hood wouldn't be in my bed
_blxck_ _blxck_ Mar 06
I remember reading this 😭😭 I be reading these books over and over
This like my 100th time reading this series😂 it's soooooo good
Adreuna Adreuna Jan 29
Why are you fighting over diick you never had 🙄 I would've let lil ma be mad all by herself