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State of Grace (Legolas Fanfiction)

State of Grace (Legolas Fanfiction)

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Courtney By xMalfoyssweetheartx Completed


Rosalie is a part of a fellowship to destroy a ring, not just any ring but the ring of destruction, the ring that causes death and can manipulate almost anyone just at touch or sight. 

Her brother is Haldir, March Warden of Lorien. Ever since her father’s death, she struggled to keep her mind at peace and keep her body stable. Because of her emotional stress she left Lorien and moved to the grand city, Rivendell. 
Her Uncle Elrond gladly took her in, making sure she was well looked after. 

Luckily the move helped, inside it still hurt and the memories still ran like a slideshow but she was able to make a fresh start with new surroundings.
She thought that the rest of her life would be calm and collective, after so much death in her eyes, she only wanted to live in peace but that didn’t mean that she didn’t learn how to fight. She was the best of the best and knew how to defend herself being very independent. However when a sudden hobbit arrives at their doorstep in time for a meeting, she is pulled into a dark journey without realising that this is her path to finally find the light and that light is the true key to her heart.

I have the feeling that rn she is like really though and stuff and on the journey she will be a bit of a damsel in distress. My opinion tho *holds hands up in surrender*
rosiex95 rosiex95 May 08, 2016
Main character's name is Rosalie? I don't need to think about it, i'm already hooked !! Guess you could say i feel a connection already because of my first name ;)
TshMrphy TshMrphy Jul 11, 2016
I'm sorry Boromir, but u seem to have forgotten that Frodo and Sam SIMPLY WALKED INTO MORDOR
During this entire exchange I can just hear Elrond mentally snickering, because watch out Middle-Earth, this girl's got sass!
TshMrphy TshMrphy Oct 02, 2016
"He understood that reference..." And I understood THAT reference
thatdutchgirl thatdutchgirl Jul 06, 2016
I love this! It's so well written, the character is likeable, and you used shots of the movie and books!