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Alex Moore has played baseball all her life. She loved it so much, she planned to  try to go to the pros.

It was the last inning of their last game, in middle school of coarse. It was 2 outs and the score was 16-15, in our favor. As the pitch was thrown, you could hear the baseball hit the sweet spot on the bat. Everyone thought it was a goner but, there was a certain outfielder/center-fielder playing, Alex. She ran her fastest and got to the fence. She locked her foot into the fence and pushed with all her might. The results were unbelievable for the other team. She has caught it! As she walked back to line up, no one was cheer for her at all but there was a certain person that came all the way from Tokyo to America to see this girl. It was Rei Takashima.

 A few weeks later Alex had gotten a letter that changed her life for good.

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ButImANugget ButImANugget Jan 21, 2016
What... the fudge.
                              Thay's so weird.
                              Jusy before I started reading this I was like "hmm i'm gonna listen to P!ATD songs cause i havent in ages" AND THEN THIS!
                              So strange.
JTinaCarlos JTinaCarlos Jan 16, 2016
why do they always cut their hair, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
IvanTheGayest IvanTheGayest Jul 31, 2015
No you should write it like this 
                              "Thank you for using Jeans-Horse-Face Airlines"