Wanna Play?

Wanna Play?

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After a rough night, Lechlan accidentally winds up in the ER of a human hospital. 

Who is the one that receives him? Joyce. She's a young, hardworking doctor who's just working late at the ER.

She doesn't understand why he heals so fast, why his wounds and broken bones disappears. But then again, why should she? She's just a human. 

And who is he? The Alpha.
And who is Joyce? Well, she just so happens to turn out to be his mate. 

How do you tackle an overprotective and moody male werewolf, who won't let you leave? 

- Well, you raise hell and make him play his own game.

I would just pop my head in the gap between the seats and be like me too
Emptynester44 Emptynester44 3 days ago
Holly crap,,,nothing like just springing it on her !!!!! Awesome chapter
Me too I always put commas actually it is because of my mother tongue we use it nearly everywhere.