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Sophie By phimaea Updated 7 days ago

For Myra, eight years ago, the world went to hell. 
  Once a free werewolf, her secret secure and her pack safe, now she is caged, trapped, locked away. Somehow, the humans found out their secret. Somehow, the humans found their pack. Somehow, the humans caught them. 
  Once they had finished with her kind, they threw them into zoos to rot. Forced to show off her wolf form in front of huge crowds, eat drugged meat or starve, and be treated like an animal, she has no hope; no life. Her only reason to survive is the pups in this place, who depend on her. But the loss of freedom, her refusal to act like an animal, is slowly killing her. 
 She cannot rebel, for fear of harm coming to those she protects. Yet her inner animal will not let her be trapped for much longer. Stuck between fear and instinct, with no one left to protect her, Myra struggles to adapt to her new world. It is impossible. Something has to change.

Striking up a forbidden friendship with both a visitor to her cage and the vets who treat her with care, Myra is given a choice. She can do as she has always done, and shelter those she considers family. Or she can fight, and risk everyone she cares about as well as her own life in a desperate bid for freedom.

In a world where her kind are spat upon for being different, painful, desperate choices are the only ones she has.

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pelicanlord pelicanlord Sep 15, 2017
Not really an example of a comforting story one might tell to upset children but whatever.
_IT-S_HANAH_ _IT-S_HANAH_ Aug 10, 2017
HEY, not me I fully except what you are and would never let you get pushed behind bars!! I might be a lil scared at first but I mean, WHO WOULDNT!!??