The Alpha and his blind mate (boyxboy)

The Alpha and his blind mate (boyxboy)

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Pallavi By Pallavi1205 Updated Jul 20, 2016

There are two werewolf that are mate. One is a regular pack member and another is an alpha.

These two are mated to each other but are unaware of it. Alex Muststone is blind and weak. Steven Skymoon is strong and has the ability to do a lot of thing.

They are going to meet each other and are going to struggle to love each other.

Meeting each other are going to bring difficulties in each other lives. These difficulties are either going to make their love strong or weak.

" Loving someone means ignoring the world and only taking care of the person that matter the most."

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sindydwinger sindydwinger Aug 31, 2017
Sounds good...needs a lof og editing ...too much grammar and spelling mistakes ...please  do something
KillerBrownieBite KillerBrownieBite Nov 11, 2017
YOU DONT MAKE FUN OF SOMEONE BECAUSE THEIR BLIND (hold me back because imma gonna kick some werewolf butt)
sindydwinger sindydwinger Aug 31, 2017
As  I hear ...not when. I hear... I wasn't born american or british.... Even I know you don't your not allowed to ask
Glucose-guardian_01 Glucose-guardian_01 Dec 13, 2016
Oh no! Now I don't wanna continue! Something bad could happen! :(
Maku-Tan Maku-Tan Feb 12, 2017
I'm sorry if this is offending to you author but, the grammar is getting on my nerves D:
blazaboi95 blazaboi95 Mar 04, 2016
Cloth :D pmsl I thought he went out in nothing but a cloth for a second there