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50 shades of bechloe

50 shades of bechloe

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pitch.please By YelizYetiskin0 Completed

Beca let a content sigh escape her lips as she allowed herself to slide down as far as she dared into the soothing waters of her bath tub, the delicate aromas filling her nostrils as the steam caused her to fall into a state of pure relaxation, her heavy eyelids drooping shut.

Bellas had been a bitch today. The practice had seemed to go on forever, and of course it had been a new dance routine on top of that, so muscles Beca didn't even know existed were aching in ways she didn't even deem possible by the time she'd left their rehearsal hall.

She didn't care now though, not as she let the water around her ease her into an almost sleep like state of tranquillity. In fact, she was so tranquil that she failed to hear the door of her apartment swing open, or the door of her bathroom for that matter.

The first notion that poor, unassuming Beca had that there was anyone else in the room at all was when a soft melodic voice whispered "Oh, bath looks good" in her ear, causing her to jump so...

LexiAnderson7 LexiAnderson7 Jan 21, 2016
I was have asleep when I read this so I started drooling which is gross but my friend saw me drool and then she read this and said that I was a perv in a way I am because of my obnoxuously dirty mind.