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Bhashini By Bhashini Completed

Time is running out.
Princess Annifer's brother is in mortal danger from a deadly enemy and she's about to be banished from the kingdom for good. Her friends are too scared to help her.
With nothing but her wits to rely on, Annifer must trace the only person who can save them - the mysterious Wise Woman she remembers from her childhood. No easy task in a city where Wise Women are outlawed and forced underground.
The clock is ticking. 
Annifer's going to have to be extra clever...

Book One of the Annifer Trilogy

#180 in Fantasy 15th September 2016

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MJ-trish14 MJ-trish14 Mar 10
Very funny, love the description. Great 😍😍😘😜😂😂😂😇
Polllardii Polllardii Jun 09, 2017
A lovely story, with good strong characters.  You have a nice writing style, Bhashini.
welshfoxglove welshfoxglove Dec 12, 2016
Loved this first chapter :) the dream at the beginning had so many great descriptions, it drew me in straight away! Looking forward to reading on
MoonshineNoire MoonshineNoire Sep 01, 2016
So many good books in my library hiding there waiting for me to brave the venture... I do not regret it one bit :) Great start!
welshfoxglove welshfoxglove Dec 12, 2016
Aww, I'm looking forward to a scene with Annifer and Kriston together :) I'm feeling the sibling love!
anupamarc anupamarc Nov 03, 2016
I loved the start. It's gripping and kept me engaged all through out. After reading sacred mountain this was nice to read about the character intro. Poppy is a fab character and I like her already here even if I ignore the other book story.