Forgotten Pup

Forgotten Pup

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Alfie Meader By AlfieMeader Updated May 14, 2017

Alaska was born in to the world of power. She is the alpha male's daughter, but was unwanted. She decided to leave camp and runs into the pack's enemy, Max. Max knows how Alaska feels because he can hear what everyone says inside Alaska's pack.

Max and Alaska go back to the camp after discovering Alaska's werehuman side. Then they find out terrible news and Alaska's journey just begins...
Alaska... The 'Forgotten Pup'

*Wolf Awards Winner 2016*

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chector53 chector53 Apr 24, 2017
You two created a pup and ignored her all her life and the pack did not notice.
smolclaire smolclaire Mar 06, 2016
Wonderful start, not many grammatical mistakes that I can see. Your dialogue is amazing and your characters are well introduced and described :) it flows very well and entices me to read on.
imi_bunny imi_bunny Jul 04, 2016
It's a good thing they soical lise with other wolf pup's because when their older they may have strong alies
gwrites1115 gwrites1115 Aug 05, 2016
Great story, I'm already hooked, but you forgot some of your punctuation. (Not hating)
insertafabuserhere insertafabuserhere Mar 06, 2016
This seems like a very promising story, and the MC can be interesting. The detail is pretty good too, and the setup. I think that you can show a little more though, but besides that it's good.
onlinevicky onlinevicky Mar 06, 2016
Love it, though I noticed a few mistakes. Like this should be an apostrophe than just a space. However this is a wonderful start and this book seems as though it will be wonderful ❤️