Alpha and Beta || Jurassic World

Alpha and Beta || Jurassic World

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"Your girlfriend's a badass..."

"I know, that's why I fell in love with her"

Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat.
                                            Dr Henry Wu

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Aika_Kira Aika_Kira Dec 26, 2015
Ha I'm awsome and your not and I bet I'm gunna have some raptor DNA in me or something from a science experiment that i won't rember...
                              Just theory and yhea I have big imagination
Aika_Kira Aika_Kira Dec 26, 2015
If the raptors liked me I would take them in and ride them around town and take over the world
                              Mwahahahahahahah*starts coughing*
Jazellia Jazellia Nov 15, 2015
In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas! In the navy, you can put your mind at ease! In the Navy....
Sonic_Lupin Sonic_Lupin Jul 02, 2015
Ok can I just say this is the perfect Fanfiction I've been looking for one like this and here you are so THANK YOU FOR BEING BORN!!!!!!!!