The Dragon's Heir

The Dragon's Heir

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Sometimes, believing helps us to see truth. Other times, we need a little evidence to believe. But there is truth behind everything; every false manoeuvre, ever little lie...a small piece of truth is hidden. Just like truth is wound into legends too.  

Growing up best friend to the future King, Arabelle never really thought her life could go wrong. Whenever she wanted something, or needed something, she would get it.  Then she lost her father at a young age and Arabelle was forced into a world of dresses, balls, and lies. Being a tomboy, Arabelle would have rather been out on her horse doing archery practice with her brothers.  

When Arabelle gets curious and sneaks into a forbidden area of the castle, she discovers a deadly secret: her bloodline is sacred, dating back to a legend surrounded by the one thing she knows not to be true. Unsure what to do, she gets caught up in a series of events that lead to her being hidden and whisked away from the only familiar place she knew.

After making some unlikely allies, Arabelle sets off on a journey to find the legend of the last dragon egg. Fate has something big in store for her; will she be able to withstand the pressure of it all?There is one thing Arabelle needs to learn to survive this new place...

Some things are more than a legend.   


© Isabella Espe 2013 - 2017

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

This work is being edited. Your patience and leniency towards any grammatical or spelling errors is requested while you read this story. This story was written in 2013, and the author knows there are a lot of errors in this work. Thank you for understanding.


Credit to @Abyss-of-Crazy for the cover!

I'm sorry I'm judging so quickly but her sister is a power hungry bitch.
Candypops18 Candypops18 Dec 28, 2016
Who ever made this please make a book 2 i want a next chapter of Queen Arabelle's life please make another I really love it!!! Please Make Another Book
hayamomo hayamomo Jan 14
Can just imagine her with a Scottish accent going "MAM! THATS MA BOWWWWW!"
Candypops18 Candypops18 Dec 28, 2016
Please made  another book of The Dragon's Heir please make pretty please!
Deniisu Deniisu Dec 25, 2016
Um I'm sorry but this paragraph reminds me of hate :)
Or she could've wished for dragons to return just for the sake of her curiosity and fascination instead of making it about the kingdom