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A. S. Warwick By qorvus Completed

When a series of recently discovered sylvan scrolls are translated, they speak of the existence of a previously unknown site built by the ancient and long lost trolls.  Ma'koa Akua, the Word of Stone it is called.  The problem is that it and whatever treasures it may hold lie beyond the northern frontier, in the cold and wild land of the barbarians.

Such challenges are not unknown to Ludjak Sejowsev, Master of the Errodar Roost of the Warrior Brotherhood of the Stormravens, and wielder of the famed trollwrought sword Green Lion.  Indeed he welcomes them.

The journey will not prove easy though, as the lands of the north have recently been ravaged by plague, while the barbarians, who for a decade have remained relatively peaceful, have started to raid again. That is not the only danger to be had, for there are secrets and agendas among those who accompany him; Elrahien the sylvan noble, the wizard Vardmir and the southern noble, Lord Rahad of Dathar Marr. Simply surviving may be the greatest challenge of all.

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