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Alicia By AliciaMarino Completed


Number one rule you're taught before starting a new job: Never fall for your boss. 

But what if that were physically impossible? What if every fiber- every atom of your being desperately ached for them? Could you resist? 

Benjamin Scott is tall, dark and handsome- not to mention, filthy fucking rich. He can, and does, have everything he could possibly desire. He believes that to his core until a shy, young Darcy Fontaine is hired as his new assistant. 

Darcy is frankly just trying to get through her life in one piece. Things have never come easily for her but as a new job falls practically into her lap, offering stability and hope for her future, she doesn't hesitate. 

From the fateful moment Darcy and Benjamin meet, there is an undeniable attraction. 

A stunning billionaire who doesn't date and a hopeless romantic who's just looking for the right guy. They couldn't be more wrong for each other.

This can only end badly.

They both know they shouldn't..

But how can they resist?

eleanorobinson eleanorobinson 3 days ago
Yeah is it just me that i that this reminds me of fifty shades of grey
Lmao 😂😂😂 I would never ask my boss this kind of question
bitchslayyx bitchslayyx a day ago
I literally had to reread it because I thought it said 'Miss Fountain' HA!
fit_high fit_high May 26 only heard nick and tovelo song 2 days ago...close..but not to close..
munimono munimono Nov 26
Yeah... anything can happen in a storybook but reality is different.
jaynecip jaynecip Nov 26
YESSSS A TALL MAIN CHARACTER (and we're the same height!) !!! Love this book already!!