The Heart and the Spider (Chrollo x oc fanfic)

The Heart and the Spider (Chrollo x oc fanfic)

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Jo-chan By Jo-chan Updated Sep 27, 2016

Chrollo Lucilfer and the Phantom Troupe is on the hunt for a Nen exorcist to fully remove the judgment chain on his heart. 
After many attempts of removing the chains in his heart, only one of the condition set by Kurapika has been removed; he can now communicate with his members. But he can't still use Nen. 
Now, he has come to a last resort. 
He has consulted the miracle worker, a girl named Kumo who has 5 more days to live.

It's a give-and-take process.

She will "take" the chains away.

However what will he have to give for it?


This is just a short story. :) Vote and Comment if you like it! ^__^

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chrollo steals her ability -> heals her -> gives her ability back = happy ending
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If I took a shot Every time she passes out in that story, I would have passed out.
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