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Bikers, Chains and Bad Boys

Bikers, Chains and Bad Boys

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Sammy By SamanthaKAllison Updated May 20

"Shh." He whispered into my ear. But, I couldn't. My chest was heaving and my heart was pounding a mile a minute. And it didn't exactly help that I had a six-foot Adonis pressed up against me. 
"Where the hell is she?!" Someone shouted. They sounded so close.
Breathing was getting harder to do. My hands fisted tighter in the sides of his shirt. I could hear their feet crunching the gravel a few feet away. 
"Shit." He muttered. "I'm in the light." My back was pressed against the brick wall and he was pressed up against me. My hands were fisted in the sides of his shirt and his were on each side of my head. He pressed firmer against me.
I really thought I was starting to lose my shit. He looked down at me. "You gotta calm down."
"I can't." I whispered, shaking my head. I looked up at him, my breathing becoming louder. The crunching was probably thirty feet away. Something flashed in his eyes when we heard the feet coming around the corner. I think I was about to pass out. 
Then Tyson grabbed both sides of my face and pressed his lips against mine.
When 20-year-old Harley Davidson moves to Evansville with her ex-biker father, she hopes that it can be the fresh start that they both need. A new house. A new job. Maybe even a new guy.
But, you can't just leave a biker club without telling anyone...
Harley's father, Joey, didn't exactly leave the club the way you're supposed to. Now, his old biker buddies are coming around with one thing on their minds:
Revenge and Retaliation.
And they might have just found her.

Djourne19 Djourne19 Apr 02, 2016
Lol! Ahahahahahahhahahahahahahha! Wait?!? How many was that?
cutekilleryui cutekilleryui Oct 13, 2016
Omg I feel like I'm about to die because I'm laughing so hard
Djourne19 Djourne19 Apr 02, 2016
Best discription ever!(except for the large spaces only enter once! Best tip ever!) (-\/-)
Nevara_araveN7 Nevara_araveN7 Apr 26, 2015
Heck He must be really mad now
                              Look out Harley you might have pushed the wrong guy now! X)
BeautifulDisaster65 BeautifulDisaster65 Jun 05, 2014
I don't want to seem like a pain in the butt, but could you please, please, please update this story? It's fantastic (:
FandomHoarder FandomHoarder May 31, 2014
Continue please. It's really good. I didn't realise there wasn't more and when I saw I was like awwww no bro.