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Jay Bean By PuppyPawsGreen Completed

WARNING: This story was written a few years back and has MANY grammar and spelling errors so please don't read if that will bug you.

You have been warned

Story is also found on Quotev under my user GrassHopperGreen

With force, the cloth was placed over my mouth and nose and I tried to hold my breath but when a sweet voice spoke in my ear, it made me take in a breath as I felt a hand slide up my dress, the man's hands rubbing up and down my leg. The smell was sweat, and I couldn't stop from breathing it in. In a matter of minutes, I started to feel light headed. The man's voice repeating inside my head like it was a record tap that was broken and repeating the same song over and over again.

"Your all mine now."
With that, I allowed the darkness to consume me.

Sequel is out: Hidden

Holy fudge! I read this on Quotev a loooong time ago... I am so happy right now!
Omggg I had a best friend and she had a brother I dated and then we broke up and like next year I dated this other boy who ended up being my friends other brother that she hates, so yeah it was really awkward😂😂
_KayMinnie_ _KayMinnie_ Apr 21
Sooo you can hear when Izzy yells but she couldn't hear you? Ignored you maybe? Just a hunch tho lol u could be wrong
My name is Skyler,
                              I wipe the bus with pride,
                              I'm probably too cool for you so friend request Denied (ohh)
                              I'm Tyler-
                              From Kyler-
                              My real name is Enez,
                              But Skyler's such a change it so I do what Skyler says--
Tinkerbug Tinkerbug Nov 02
Sir... heh heh... sir.. WTF?! ARE YOU IN THE FREAKING 1800'S?!?!?!,NO!!!! YOUR IN 2016!!!! ACT LIKE IT!!!
_KayMinnie_ _KayMinnie_ Apr 21
Did anyone else think wizards of waverly place? No? Just me?  OK