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markiplier smutty one shots

markiplier smutty one shots

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rayraycutie54 By rayraycutie54 Updated Jul 28, 2015

anyone have a fantasy about mark you want fulfilled?  let me know and ill write it out!

cayisnoton_fire cayisnoton_fire Jun 14, 2016
I'm sorry but I want another one were Jack finds them!!
                              I was dying! Hahahahha
puppylovedies1235 puppylovedies1235 Dec 29, 2016
Um okay so can you do one where the reader is like really stressed out so they try to spend time with Mark but he's busy so we get mad and leave for a while and when we come back he makes it up to them by.... You know......
markiandjack markiandjack Dec 06, 2016
Plz um like we met a long time ago and we are best friends or something
rayraycutie54 rayraycutie54 Aug 18, 2015
@Allisontaavolagmail if you would like me to write the story then let me know!
ponder_dreams ponder_dreams Aug 18, 2015
what if he was raging on i am bread so u go to calm him down by like messaging his shoulders and stuff but then he takes it the wrong way and starts to get horny
Stuffeatsstuff Stuffeatsstuff Jun 21, 2015
HI!!! I have a great idea if you want to write it, alright so Mark has a new girl friend (you) and looooots of people have been writing fan fics about them, so he disided to read one of them with you, but it is suuuper smutty and u read ahead of Mark, get super horny and yeah :3