Me and My Five, Older, Protective Brothers

Me and My Five, Older, Protective Brothers

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Their parents passed away 2 years ago when their plane crashed on their way back home, to England. Ever since then Adam, the oldest out of the five brothers and one sister, was put in charge of the family. 

Elodee's a shy girl who is used to her brothers protectivness and possessivness of her and because of that she hasn't really had the chance to properly grow up, but she doesn't realise that. 

What happens when Elodee starts highschool? Hangs out with her brothers friends Tommy and Dylan? What happens when she starts getting closer to Dylan? And what happens when a freaky guy is thrown into her life? 

Read to find out what goes on in the life of Elodee Masters.

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Erin112112 Erin112112 May 21
My brother would just look at me weirdly and tell me to f*ck off
I hate horror movies! The only horror kind of films I watch is Tvd The originals and Teen wolf. Though they're not really horrors. So basically just supernatural films.
Me too I hated them and I would make my brothers stay with me during them
Ok is this real do brothers treat you like that cu I would not know seeming as mine hate ne
DoNUTbxtch DoNUTbxtch Aug 07
How come every girl on wattpad with more than three brothers hates horror films! Like not every girl is like that irl!
Man I wish I have 5 older brothers and only me and I do enjoy being with boys