Dirty Liam Payne Imagine Rough 2 stories in 1

Dirty Liam Payne Imagine Rough 2 stories in 1

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#Dirty Liam Payne Imagine Rough two stories in 1

Liam had been gone on tour ad you hadnt seen him in 4 months. The only way you guys talked was on facebook or videochatting. You missed Liam so much. Liam was finally coming home.

You heard a knock on the door and you went to open it. It was Liam. "BABE!!!", you screamed as you jumped into his arms. "How is my beautiful princess?" he asked. "I missed you so much" you said hugging him passionately. Liam and you walked in to your flat and you helped him put his clothes back in their drawers. "You don't have to help me my love". "I want to". You grabbed one of his suitcases and started unpacking. You sat on the bed and put his clothes away. You felt him grab your waste from behind. "I missed you so much babe". You stood up and you kissed very passionately. He pulled away. "What's wrong?". He bit his lip. "I want you so badly, but I don't want to pressure you, this would be your first time and-", you cut him off. "I want you too". You kiss...

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