Bitten (a Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

Bitten (a Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

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Harry Potter nerd By LiviieMarie Completed

In the Wizarding World, werewolves are looked down upon by most of the community. But what happens when you're a werewolf AND born to one of the most prestigious families alive? Calypso Malfoy has the answers. Born to one of the oldest and purest families, Calypso has always been a big disappointment to her parents, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. But when she gets bitten by a werewolf at age 13 and kicked out of her home, what is she supposed to do? As the second Wizarding World rages around her, she struggles to get by day by day, facing losses she might not be able to handle. Shunned and tortured for what she is, Calypso must come to accept herself as she is and fight for her life.

*All characters belong to J.K. Rowling except my own.*

*Credit goes to the artist for the cover*

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storylover1066 storylover1066 Sep 25, 2016
Only read up to here so far but its really good i will defo keep reading it you have me hooked all ready.
WhovianFangirl- WhovianFangirl- Jul 08, 2015
Okay cool thanks! I'll check yours out tomorrow to time zone buddy! XD
LiviieMarie LiviieMarie Jul 08, 2015
It's just past midnight here too. Time zone buddies! Unfortunately though I just got off work and I'm sick, but I will add your story to my list and check it out tomorrow!
WhovianFangirl- WhovianFangirl- Jul 08, 2015
Okay! I'll check it out tomorrow! Right now it's past midnight where I'm at! I just got done writing a chapter. Maybe you should check it out if you want.
LiviieMarie LiviieMarie Jul 08, 2015
Thanks lol hopefully I'll get more up tomorrow. In the meantime, you should totes check out my other Harry Potter fan fic I've been working on. That one isn't done either but it's farther along that this one lol XD
LiviieMarie LiviieMarie Jul 08, 2015
Alright then next part is up guys lol not as exciting though.