Promise To Never cry anymore! Book 1! (RoLu)

Promise To Never cry anymore! Book 1! (RoLu)

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"Promise for both of us to never cry anymore. Do you promise?" He asked and stated.
"I promise." She replied while smiling warmly to him.

At start:


At end and rest:


He broke my heart by cheating on another girl.
She cheated on me with my best-friend.
He made me cry to sleep.
She made me upset.
When I saw him kissing another girl I was very mad.
When I saw her kissing my best-friend I started to tear up and run away.
His/Her friend and I promised to never cry again and to always be there for each other just as friends.
L___  started developing feelings for me.
Ro___  started developing feelings for me.
Both: I am glad we are here for each other.

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Titania1184 Titania1184 May 06, 2017
That first chapter was cool...
                              Cool, coooool ~!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha
That went from freaking Hazel innocent to Annabeth dangerous real quick.
june_phantomhive june_phantomhive Mar 14, 2017
You do have courage to cush at her but can beat other people up
pretty_lil_psychoo pretty_lil_psychoo Jul 15, 2017
Erza is scary
                              Natsu is pinky
                              Lets just say 
                              That escalated quickly
CakeIsMyMiddleName CakeIsMyMiddleName Apr 03, 2016
                              HAS TURNED INTO ONE OF HIGHSCHOOL BIMBOS
CrazyShippings CrazyShippings Jul 09, 2016
I am not saying your copying or anything but tie is just like a story I read on  fan