Torn [Book One]

Torn [Book One]

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Cari L. By carikitty Completed

[Please be informed that TORN is only half of the original novel which will soon be available in Amazon and Payhip]

Elodia Gainsborough just turned eighteen and for the first time in her life, she felt free. As she tried learning to live independently while her mom and step-father were away, she mistakenly took a dangerous route that changed her life forever. 

An unworldly creature knowing no mercy and was beyond carnal found Elodia. The creature appeared to be a man but bared fangs and claws, with unquenchable thirst that was craving for her blood alone. 

And from that moment on, never in her life had she wanted to happen to her- death. 


For hundreds of years, Jibrail Merikh had been searching for the monakrivtsi. He believed it was the only way to end the war in Ariqyn race. 

He only had one thing in his mind- victory. But will the monakrivtsi's blood be enough to end the chaos over the throne or will it make the conflict worse, especially if a soul as dark as his started to get attached to the forbidden blood?

Self-Designed Cover by @carikitty

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