Natasha's sister (Avengers Age of Ultron)

Natasha's sister (Avengers Age of Ultron)

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Madison By Lilsug Updated Jul 03

I do not own any of the Avenger characters. I only own Ashton and a few plot lines, but that is it. I give the credit to Marvel who made the movie in the first place. 
**I rewrote this story, but the rewritten part of the story is after the last Authors Note. I will probably go back and delete the prewritten story after a while, but I am not sure yet. The description below is of the rewritten story. Sorry if I confused you...**

(Ashton's POV)
I saw a blue blur run past right when the arrow should have hit the bunker, but never did. Clint fired another shot, but same thing happened and then Clint was on the ground. A young man was standing over him smirking down at him.

"Didn't see that coming," he continued to smirk before speeding off with high speed.

I ran out from the cover of the tree to Clint when I heard the bunker fire again. I panicked not really thinking making an ice shield around the two of us to try and keep us safe. I guess it didn't work as well as I thought it would have because a searing hot pain went through my side. I dropped the shield then collapsed the ground holding my side in pain, so much in fact I couldn't scream out. Clint was by me in seconds putting pressure on my hands to put more pressure on the wound.

"Ashton's hit," he said in his ear com.

What happens next? You will have to read to find out. 

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I'm pretty sure it's shooting arrows. But I could be wrong. Please don't take offense. I'm not good with archery slang
"Dobby doesn't mean to kill, only to maim or seriously injure."
PowerPeach PowerPeach May 21
Not to sound rude or anything, but I'm glad that it wasn't Clint this time.
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This is now me....did you write Maddison based of me? Naw no one would do that
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She's gonna jump in front of pietro and take the bullets isn't she ;-;
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its kind of funny cause my name is madison and my favorite soft drink is Dr.pepper. i love the almost vanilla taste to the drink its just so  good you can never go wrong with Dr.Pepper. im reading this and i cant help but put  myself in its just too funny