Natasha's sister (Avengers Age of Ultron)

Natasha's sister (Avengers Age of Ultron)

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**I do not own any of the Avenger characters. I only own Ashton and a few plot lines, but that is it. I give the credit to Marvel who made the movie in the first place. **

(Ashton's POV)
A blue blur ran past the bunker right when the arrow should have made impact, but the bunker never blew. I stared at the bunker in confusion and I saw Clint's face turn to confusion as well when he didn't hear an explosion. He stepped out from behind the tree loading another arrow, but before he could shoot the blue blur ran right into him sending him to the ground. The blue blur circled back around before stopping in front of Clint who was lying on the ground staring up at the stranger. It was a young man, only a couple years older than me, staring down my at best friend with a smirk.

		"Didn't see that coming," he questioned sarcastically with a smirk before rushing off into the woods at an inhuman speed.

	Who was that man? He seemed so familiar yet so unfamiliar at the same time. My thoughts were cut short by the sound of a large gun being shot in our direction. When Clint was hit by the young man I was slowly inching toward him just in case, so now I was only a couple feet from Robin Hood. I quickly took the couple steps, so I was standing in front of Clint making an ice shield all the way around both of us. To be honest I wasn't thinking about what would happen if I did this I just reacted on instinct. Sadly, the ice shield wasn't enough to deflect the fire because a searing hot pain shot through my side.

What happens next? You will have to read to find out. 

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