Cheers to Senior Year (WWE high school Fan-fic)

Cheers to Senior Year (WWE high school Fan-fic)

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s p r i n g By wwetheshield Updated Nov 22, 2017

"Hey," Nikki said quietly from the dark corner.

The other five turn in the direction of her voice. They can't see her fully in the dark room but they could make out her figure.

"What?" Paige said just as quietly. 

"Do you guys remember that pact we made at the end of Freshmen year?" Nikki asked. 

Roman smiles at the thought, "Yeah I remember it."

"Of course you do," Seth says chuckling, "You're the one who made us agree to it." 

Dean shakes his head, "I don't remember it." 

Naomi looks at him, "You don't remember the pact?" 

Dean just shrugs and then pulls out a cigaret, "A lot of shit can happen in three years. Refresh my memory why don't you?" 

They all stay quite for a moment.

"Today," Roman spoke, "May 28, 2012. I promise to stand by my peers. To stay drama free."

"To stay away from the 'it' crowd" Nikki said quietly.

"To respect others, as well as myself.." Seth muttered.

"To stay clean... Drug free..." Dean said then dragged out his cigaret. 

"To follow our hearts... Accomplish our dreams." Naomi said quietly 

"To be the best we could be. To make our senior year drop dead amazing..." Paige mumbled 

They all remain silent. 

"Well," Dean said throwing his cigaret in front of him stomping on it. Then grabbed another one from the box. "Didn't we do one hell of a job keeping that pact?"

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chickenflavorollins chickenflavorollins Nov 23, 2016
if you didn't pull out cigarettes every 5 minutes then you'll probably remember. oops?
neymessi- neymessi- Mar 24, 2016
are you fu.cking kidding me it brought me back to the beginning of this damn book fml
PalePrincessAsh PalePrincessAsh Jun 13, 2016
What are you talking about?? :O the cover and description are amazing!!!
- - Jul 11, 2016
yo that pact was tight. but dean gotta be the one how you doin like how u comin dean
Pyrix_aj Pyrix_aj Nov 06, 2016
at the end I would've been that one guy that breaks the silence like "daaaaammmmnnnnn" XD
chickenflavorollins chickenflavorollins Nov 23, 2016
Quit smoking you stupid disrespectful idiot!
                              (i still luv you buh not in the story)