All Grown Up (Adopted By Kendall Jenner Book 2)

All Grown Up (Adopted By Kendall Jenner Book 2)

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You've seen Leslie in her hardest, funniest, and heart-warming years. Now she's in High School, and she's slowly becoming a model-in-training. Now that she's under the spotlight in the Jenner family, what will happen? It's for you to find out! 

    *If you haven't read Adopted By Kendall Jenner, there will be spoilers, and you won't get this AT ALL. This can't be read as a stand alone book. You need to read it first to understand it.

    Cover by @-swervedallas

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BELLA331 BELLA331 Sep 14
it would be really cool if she could be a model and be best friend of kaia gerber!
DarkPrincess0211 DarkPrincess0211 Sep 17, 2016
I feel like I dont like this guy already 😂😂 her name's leslie 😐😐
beth_13xo beth_13xo Aug 11, 2016
Oh my god that part where she's like I would cry but I don't wanna mess up my mascara sounds exactly like me😂 and love this book btw
CamrenTwerkFromHome CamrenTwerkFromHome May 01, 2016
Im very very late.gosh! I wanna be in the book but i just finished reading the book one. Maybe this is not my time 😥
drunkmia drunkmia Aug 27, 2015
I think he'll just use Kendall and the whole family for fame and money
kardashiangilinsky kardashiangilinsky Jul 25, 2015
Hey sorry just making sure I can still be in the book and I'm loving the book only 2 chapters and it's already so good