I wish (Ziall vs Narry)

I wish (Ziall vs Narry)

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A Wish Is something many people ask for. 
I wish to be love. 
I wish to be happy. 
I wish I could do anything. 

Is easy to wish for something, but it's hard to get the wish to come true. 

Take Niall for example, he wishes to be Harry's boyfriend, but unfortunately not every wish comes true. 

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Apallos_moonlight Apallos_moonlight Jun 29, 2016
With ya little white lies little white lies, your hands touchin' me touchin' me your eyes keep saying things they saying what we do when its only me and you
narrent narrent Jun 28, 2016
I ship both Narry and Ziall so bad I can't decide what I want
dalyaffja25 dalyaffja25 Jun 19, 2016
I wouldn't even notice cause you been taking up my mind with ya little white lies little white lies
MaybeZiallxx MaybeZiallxx Aug 13, 2016
I really don't like Larry my favorite is ziall Narry and niam 
                              Because I love Niall