Running Scared || Scott McCall

Running Scared || Scott McCall

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We're all friends By jcoleblog Completed

"I can't save anyone"

Kelly Mayor has returned to Beacon Hills and reunited with her childhood friends. Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin. But it wasn't like the Beacon Hills she remembered. The small quiet town, to humans it was quiet. But to supernatural beings, it screamed death and danger. All that got to Kelly after she was turned by a mysterious Alpha.

When she moves back, her best friends have of courses grown. Along with supernatural abilities. 

She thought she came back for:

Lydia Martin, the girl that's all about fashion. Stiles Stilinsk the boy who fixes his jeep with duct tape. Scott McCall the innocent.

But she instead came back to:

The Banshee with sass, witty Void Stiles, a True Alpha who feared death upon others and thunder Kitsune she never met.

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PANTHER46 PANTHER46 Jul 02, 2017
it has been noticed that Kelly has an obsession of gold fish
That_Crazy_Kid_ That_Crazy_Kid_ Feb 27, 2016
I like how she smiles and says death like its no big deal😂
musicalmeg56 musicalmeg56 Jan 11, 2017
KNEW IT!  Everyone has been saying that blue is omega, but it isn't!
amypannu amypannu Dec 24, 2016
Wait, isn't that what they did to the hybrids like Hayden and Theo?
YellowBrickHoe YellowBrickHoe Nov 28, 2016
I might just be being a fake fan, but doesnt yellow eyes mean she's killed someone?
zazaloves679 zazaloves679 Jan 21, 2017
I just love how she says that so happily and smiles like thats a good thing 😂😂