The Noble Life

The Noble Life

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The gowns, the dinners, the dashing young gentlemen ... every young lady dreams of experiencing a taste of life amongst the nobility.

For Catherine Taylor, the dream becomes a reality when she is invited by her uncle Sir William Cavendish to stay with him and his family in their charming village of Barnbury. Four weeks of fine parties and  even finer society, all in the idyllic Somerset countryside - there surely could be nothing more enjoyable.

However, life in Barnbury is not quite as Catherine expected. Between the wild Viscount Russell, his flirtatious sister and the rude Professor Lawes, tension mounts and sparks fly between the younger members of society, as Catherine begins to realise that the noble life might not be quite so 'noble' after all.

#24 in Historical Fiction on 28/04/16.

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stringslady stringslady Mar 18, 2017
I love this already! The writing style is so beautiful and I love the descriptions! An amazing job! :)
Angela_Love072101 Angela_Love072101 Nov 07, 2017
So far, I like the style and how the story is progressing 🙂🙂
EmmaCalder EmmaCalder Apr 23, 2017
I love the name Cavendish. Don't know why, but it sounds so.... noble? I'm not really making sense, sorry. :-)
joan717 joan717 Feb 29, 2016
Already know, after reading this chapter, I am going to enjoy greatly this story!!!
Bhashini Bhashini Dec 06, 2016
Love this already. You've done a great job with the period language and details. I can picture Broxcliffe Park vividly and it's just like something from a BBC Jane Austen adaptation. Look forward to meeting the wild young gentleman ;)
WritersBlock4Dummies WritersBlock4Dummies Mar 11, 2016
After reading so many historical fiction books, I finally found one that really grabs my interest, and that's pretty rare! I love your style of writing. :3