Demon Celestial(Jackal X Lucy X Mard Geer)

Demon Celestial(Jackal X Lucy X Mard Geer)

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"Open, Gate of the Water Bearer!!! Aquarius!" said a blonde mage, was on her knees, holding Aquarius the Water Bearer of the 12 Zodiac constellation key in the water around her, with not much clothes on, there were mainly torn to shreds. She had what looked like a hankercheif to hid as much as possible of her boobs. Her black mini skirt was almost completely shredded. 

"The princess's cannot handle it!!!" Virgo yelled, worried about the blonde mage. "3 gates at once!!!?" Loke said shocked. 

Jackal, a man with brown hair, parts of it in the shape of a wolfs ears. He had bright golden-hazely eyes was shocked. While seeing what was happening from below where he was standing on a log above. He wore baggie jogges, no shoes, no shirt, he wore a scarf and and glove that went from his finger nails to his elbows. 

The blonde mage started falling to the ground. "Pl... Please..." "You dumbass" said a blue mermaid. She had light blue hair that reached to her hips, a blue mermaid, scalely thin t...

    cyanglimmer cyanglimmer May 15
    Honestly i'm surprised that the demon gates have beds not to mention comfortable ones where the heck they get it from
    cyanglimmer cyanglimmer May 15
    Say wah! How did learn how to kiss did he practise with one of the demon gates or................
                                  SOMEONE ELSE!
    I'm pretty sure Jackal is a Natsu fan because he dresses like Natsu
    cyanglimmer cyanglimmer May 15
    This is weird.............MARD GEER! Of all people like lucy wtf this so strange but i kinda wanna read more
    Xxraishes_sehsiarxX Xxraishes_sehsiarxX Jun 04, 2016
    Is lucy a kind of magic? Oh yeah!(i sound like hoteye/richard) its jellals magic!
                                  Jellal:HEAVENLY BODY MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!
    I use that as a funny pick up line with my friends sometimes: 'Girl, do you use the same magic as Jellal? Cause you have one heavenly body. ' (me and my friends say pick up lines at each other than burst out laughing)