Sterek FanFic- Love At Every Sight (boyxboy)

Sterek FanFic- Love At Every Sight (boyxboy)

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bella By bels_books Updated Sep 22, 2017

He has seen him at every angle, in every light and still nothing has changed. 


Scott never talks about his Alpha,  Derek, and he doesn't want his friends to ever, ever meet him. However when Derek is attacked but another pack Scott is forced to bring Stiles along. 

Stiles and Derek start to form a confusing and unlikely friendship which baffles everyone. After a sudden burst of affection from Derek, Stiles starts to realise that there might be more to him and Derek than he first thought. 

Their story together had been written since the beginning of time.

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-mythicals -mythicals Oct 01, 2017
                              All the freaking time
                              "Either you die, or become a stripper"
                              THIS IS SO ACCURATE
Me bc seeing Allison in the cap and gown, knowing she'll never get that opportunity :(((((
Beacon_Author Beacon_Author Mar 22, 2017
Can't wait to read more! I've already read the original but I'm happy to see improvement
Foreversterekwolf Foreversterekwolf Mar 18, 2016
I really like this story. You are doing great. I can't write stories...but I love to read em. Thank you.
imaginemalum imaginemalum Dec 28, 2016
ugh we had a mrs lewis at our school and literally no one liked her
                              she just gave out detentions for no reason and shejust had a really nasty attitude
                              thank the lord she wasn't even there for half of the year before we got a new teacher😂
Greekish Greekish Jan 16, 2017
Hii! I already love this story, hihi, I get a great feeling reading the first few lines. Anyways just to help you out: were should be where ;) I hope you don't mind me pointing it out, I just want to help x