Burn my heart (a blue exorcist Fanfiction)

Burn my heart (a blue exorcist Fanfiction)

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CaseyAnn By casey151 Updated Sep 25

A blue exorcist fanfic
I do not own

When the training camp was attacked by amaimon and Rin was discovered to be the son of satan, his friends did not take it to well, in fact they wanted him dead, so Rin runs away and to where you ask... gehenna the demon world. To rin's suprise it wasn't what he expected. Gehenna was just as normal and civilised as the human world,  well only there were no humans there, only demons. Not only that but Rin is worshiped as the demon prince he is and not some demon everyone despised in the human world. Has Rin finally found the place where he belongs?

Find out now

And I should also mention satan is good although he still hates humans

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But Grell's a shimigami (Grem Reaper) not a demon? Unless.... did Sebastian turn him? Would that even work with Reapers?!
If you listen closely, you can hear Grell yelling "Sebas-Chan~!" In the background
Chess_Cat Chess_Cat Sep 15
I never really liked you, Shiemi. Sooooo...
                              *takes out a bazooka* Prepare to die!
                              ((At this moment, one can see sparkles flying everywhere))
Grell is everywhere and nowhere...
                              (All in an attempt to see 'Sebas-chan naked)
I mean I hate her anyways so sure. Bitch away sweet heart, when he gets stronger your first.