Stuck In The Naruto World?!

Stuck In The Naruto World?!

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The_Beautiful_Uchiha By _Beautiful_KillJoy Updated Dec 29, 2016

Maddison a girl who get in a car accident and wakes up in the Naruto world her favorite anime. Will she die? or live? Will she be stuck in there forever? what up with this clan there alway talking about? read to find out.


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akume_malak akume_malak Apr 27, 2016
Tf? Why are they talking like shes not there? That's rude, i would of made a bf about it.
                              (yes, bitch fit like in white chicks)
MysticalKoala MysticalKoala Aug 07, 2016
Sorry to correct but Shadow Clone Jutsu is a forbidden jutsu. The test was a regular Clone Jutsu.
Kyuubichan662 Kyuubichan662 Nov 22, 2016
NORMAL CLONE!!! Shadow clones are advanced Jonin level clones made by Hashirama Senju himself. Shadow clones are used to gather intel on organizations, villages, and towns. Shadow clones are far FAR more powerful than normal clones are.
Xiqria Xiqria Oct 15, 2016
                              I'm insane
                              With Depression and Schitzopheria (T-T I can't spell) and shiz
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Aug 22, 2016
Isn't he suppose to teach her stuff since she 'lost her memories' and 'forgot how to fight'?
_OtakuArmiUnicorn_ _OtakuArmiUnicorn_ Nov 29, 2016
......well I honestly hope that all ur FANGIRLS get on ur team so that you'll be mentally unstable...........DUCKBUTT