Amare (My Mafia Man #1)

Amare (My Mafia Man #1)

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Gigi Ikwuakam By Ohemmgeegee Completed

My heart sounded like a hammer within my body. I was weak and defenseless as he held both of my hands above my head. 

Two dark blue irises were staring back at me. His grip tightened on my waist , causing electric shocks to go straight to my core.
"Let me go", I pleaded .
" Not until I get what I want , beautiful " , he spoke .
"What do you want then ,Dante?" , I whispered .
"You", he replied. 

Mila Black , a hardworking , dedicated 21 year old is sick of being single.  With the help of her friends , she ends up at the new
 nightclub Amare , on a blind date. Things take a turn for the worst when Mila walks into a conversation , that she shouldn't.

Dante Capello , the womanizing , mafia boss, has risen to Capo status. He gives an order for his former boss to be brought to him , dead or alive. 

What happens when their worlds collide and Mila is forced into an arrangement in exchange for her life?

When she added WILD to her description of hair i imagined it to be like nora's hair from the lorax or was it lora?
Is Mila and Amila the same??  Because mila is the main character
SO how the hell do you guys look similar if everything about you is different?
Zuny_V Zuny_V Mar 01, 2016
Well I have never been on a blind date but I can imagine how nervous one could get!,
ksha7338 ksha7338 Feb 14
She might be the most beautiful character I've ever seen... my god she's sooo pretty!!! 😮😍
First time I'm reading a book where someone describes the characters hair color as cinnamon. Cool.