Amare (My Mafia Man #1)

Amare (My Mafia Man #1)

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Gigi Ikwuakam By Ohemmgeegee Completed

My heart sounded like a hammer within my body. I was weak and defenseless as he held both of my hands above my head. 

Two dark blue irises were staring back at me. His grip tightened on my waist , causing electric shocks to go straight to my core.
"Let me go", I pleaded .
" Not until I get what I want , beautiful " , he spoke .
"What do you want then ,Dante?" , I whispered .
"You", he replied. 

Mila Black , a hardworking , dedicated 21 year old is sick of being single.  With the help of her friends , she ends up at the new
 nightclub Amare , on a blind date. Things take a turn for the worst when Mila walks into a conversation , that she shouldn't.

Dante Capello , the womanizing , mafia boss, has risen to Capo status. He gives an order for his former boss to be brought to him , dead or alive. 

What happens when their worlds collide and Mila is forced into an arrangement in exchange for her life?

Zuny_V Zuny_V Mar 01, 2016
Well I have never been on a blind date but I can imagine how nervous one could get!,
First time I'm reading a book where someone describes the characters hair color as cinnamon. Cool.
MinnieAndOdell MinnieAndOdell Apr 19, 2016
This Is A Dumb Book Already !! It A Real Coincidence That They Almost Have The Same Name 😐
isabelladura isabelladura Apr 10, 2016
Finally  curly hair no book ever had a girl with curly hair it's always straight or wavy
laylax_xx laylax_xx Nov 04, 2015
If it was natural curls, you would never brush them out considering YOU WOULD LOOK LIKE A LION. Trust me I know.
vaporizeniall vaporizeniall Aug 22, 2015
You don't need to space the commas away from the word and commas don't go after the ." When someone speaks :)