Beauty and the Bass (Kavi AU)

Beauty and the Bass (Kavi AU)

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~ By PentaholicLiar Completed

Geek. Nerd. Loser. That's what people whisper behind Avi Kaplan's back. 

Popular. Pretty. Perfect. That's what people say to Kirstie Maldonado's face.

 Kirstie's friends, specifically her boyfriend, Jeremy, have been bullying Avi for years. He comes home day after day with bruises and cuts, and it gets harder every day to hide them from his sister. 

When Kirstie shows Avi some kindness one day, Avi starts to realise that he may or may not have a very large crush on his tormentor's girlfriend.

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XxLMPTXfangirlxX XxLMPTXfangirlxX Jul 30, 2017
Well i hate him(Jeremy) but boy are you crazy?? Avi is PERFECTION!! UNLIKE you!! So buh - bye 👋 👋!!
noodle_and_friends_ noodle_and_friends_ Apr 07, 2016
Jk2235_ptx Jk2235_ptx Jun 30, 2016
I never liked Jeremy anyway so I'll be fine with this fanfic
xxxTheAftershocKxxx xxxTheAftershocKxxx Jun 30, 2016
THATS ME!!! I came here to read and try to get some friends but I failed especially on the friend part
noodle_and_friends_ noodle_and_friends_ Apr 07, 2016
OH OHH OHHHHH!!!!!! YOU WANNA PLAY THAT WAY JEREMY?!!!!! *rolls up sleeves* OK FIGHT ME! WE CAN FIGHT MAN!!!! Or actually *pulls out shotgun* SUZIE wants to have a face to face chat with you!!!!
noodle_and_friends_ noodle_and_friends_ Apr 07, 2016
Ok...I about had enuf of this *pulls out shot gun and shoots Jeremy* there, problem solved. HEY JER!
                              I got one less problem without you *blows tip of shot gun*