KHR: Noticed Only When Needed

KHR: Noticed Only When Needed

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Renato Sinclair By ThePurpleMurderer Updated Sep 03, 2015

It all started with a single letter, a letter that was left behind by the woman who never came back.

'I'm not coming back, I found someone who I truly love, and loves me back.

And he was always there when you were not, comforting me when you, Iemitsu, never bothered to visit home.


For Tsuna, who was only 5 at that time, already understood what the letter had meant, because unknown to everyone, he has always been adept at learning everything.

A/N: if you want to know what happened after Nana left, then by all means, read ;)

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Ive_Been_Made Ive_Been_Made Apr 04, 2017
Ummmm I'm sorry you didn't even notice she was gone and your gonna blame your 5 (now 6) year old son? Makes sense...
SamerellaQuartings SamerellaQuartings Sep 30, 2017
Tsuna makes everyone stop, stare and die from bloodloss whn he smiles
Ive_Been_Made Ive_Been_Made Apr 04, 2017
Nana better get a hold of this info and some pictures so she can feel like CRAP!!!!
ChibiLuvsBooks ChibiLuvsBooks May 02, 2017
Well Tsu-kun's smile will make everyone die from bloodloss...
-leighschips -leighschips Jun 05, 2016
Uhh... But I'm dead already *floats around* WOOH~ HUEHUEHU- *coughs* UHHEHUehuEhue
CrystalPrettyGem CrystalPrettyGem Jan 09, 2017
This is never good. For Iemitsu, and the fans of the tuna fish.