Don't leave me...(BoyxBoyxBoy)

Don't leave me...(BoyxBoyxBoy)

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NeverEverLand13 By NeverEverLand1313 Updated Jan 31, 2016

Daniel is your average 16 year old boy. Or so he thought. Danny doesn't have many friends. Or should I say none. He was afraid to make any new friends in fear that he would get too attached only to end up getting hurt again.

But what happens when his dad remarries 6 years after his mother's death, and he gets not only a step mother, but also 2, handsome step brothers as well? 

What happens when he finds out that those step brothers are anything, but human?

Will he accept them?

What happens when he unravels his family's deepest and darkest truths?

Will he survive this cruel reality? 

I'm not good at descriptions but I promise it's good!

RandomARMY RandomARMY Nov 27, 2016
So Danny is Woozi! (Is anyone getting who Im talking about?... probably not XD)
Emo_Ash Emo_Ash Nov 23, 2016
Me on test I really don't care for my bc I don't live with him
Don't you mean 'I'? Cuz I know for sure that that isn't him saying it
Emo_Ash Emo_Ash Nov 23, 2016
When it said black hair and ice blue eye I immediately thought of Andy beirsack
Emo_Ash Emo_Ash Nov 23, 2016
What my brother will have to go except my mom and I left and that's all my dads been doin is drinking sleeping and going to work only to spend that money on something unimportant
PrincessAlessia23 PrincessAlessia23 Dec 06, 2016
My mom would've beat my assignment if I said this about her... Or anybody