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Part One

            I checked myself in the full length mirror again. I pulled my jean short shorts down a bit and I straightened my tongues on my favorite black chuck taylors. I ran a hand through my long reddish brown hair and sighed, Today was my first day at a new school. My mom and I had moved from Michigan to L.A. for the obvious reasons. That's right we we're hiding from the C.I.A. Just kidding, my mom got a new job. She's a lawyer and also a part time artist. She moved to a new law firm in L.A. We argued a lot about the move. I was going to miss my friends and school, but most of all I was going to miss where I grew up. It was only my mom and I though so there wasn't much stuff to unpack so that was a plus.

"Mia! Hurry or you're going to be late." My mom called up the stairs.

I looked at my clock, an hour already had passed? Whoa, time flies. I tripped over boxes and baskets to get out of my new room, which was probably two times the size of my old bedroom.

"Coming Mom!" I...

Mandy1432 Mandy1432 Dec 07, 2017
Just reading the description of his appearance he sounds like his name is Shane
Toodels Toodels Nov 30, 2015
I don't like it.... …........……………………………..……………...…………………………………… I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;!!!!!;!!;
arika17eliza arika17eliza Feb 24, 2014
Man, when I switched schools no one was nice and the lady in the office was really bitchy, I asked whereabouts my first class was and all she said was 'figure it out yourself, I'm not a directory'. Uhg, anyway, lovely story! Luca should be interesting... XD
JennythePanda JennythePanda Jan 15, 2014
ooh i like the choice of words you put here c: 
                              the way you describe is amazing! keep it up!:D
- - May 26, 2013
Really good chapter! I think that it's a truly amazing chapter, keep up the great work. It'll be nice to see how she ends up handcuffed. I can't wait to read more.
LoveLife_ItsAGift LoveLife_ItsAGift May 22, 2013
Soo Good! I'm gonna recommend this book to all of my friends! Its amazing:)